domingo, 8 de janeiro de 2023

SSB Red Gem - SCS 389





If you are here, then I will assume you either arrived in my blog by the link in my workshop submissions or through the link in my signature in SCS's Forum.

Now you may ask yourself why I bothered opening this blog in the first place, since there are already two great ways of sharing my skinning work for both ETS2 and ATS that is via the Forum and via the Steam Workshop...

Well, recently, I have been somewhat targeted by either Steam or SCS Community Mods... I don't know for sure which one is the responsible for constantly deleting every skin that I submit that contains a woman in the artwork but I don't care who it is... Doesn't matter if it follows the guidelines, it always gets deleted within a day or in some cases within an hour or less. And these are good skins, skins that actually took time to produce.

And if the real issue is where I got the base pictures from and copyright reasons, then I fail to see how my stuff is any different from the people using real logos from real brands and commercial companies such as John Deere, Case, Walmart, Home Depot and so on.

So my goal here is to share everything I make, without having to deal with the small dictatorship ETS2 and ATS workshop is. Here, nothing will be cut off, banned or deleted.

But don't take this as a guarantee that there will be full on NSFW skins... There will be edgy and artsy skins but not anything beyond that, don't expect something like Brazzers in skin form because that is not only weird, but also dumb.

Here are some real world examples of what you should expect:

So again, these will be the artsy paintjobs that Steam deemed to be too "Innapropriate".

I hope you'll like them, if not, then there's nothing I can do about it.

Happy Trails.

Relentless Pack

Relentless Pack (Sharemods)